We are fully aware of how hard it can be to get a roofer to come out on a nice sunny day to do a small repair, let alone at 3am during a bad rain storm. Most roof leaks in Toronto don’t happen during fair weather, they show up when we least expect it. You can be rest assured if you call our repair line; someone will either answer your call immediately or return your call within a reasonable time frame. We are a 24/7 operation and unlike many Toronto roofing companies, we don’t shut down during the winter months.

Here is a list of our repair services:

Animal roof and siding problems


Chimney flashing issues

Eaves cleaning

Cracked or missing roof tiles

Flashing repairs

Ice damming problems

Roof vents replacement

Skylight repairs

Flat roof repairs

Valley repairs

Roof top snow removal

Built-Up Roofing

Modified Bitumen Roofs

EPDM Membrance Roofs

PVC or TPO Membrane Roofs

New Curb Installation or Old Curb Removal

New Exhaust Vent or Old Pipe Removal

Roof Deck Repairs or Replacements Steel or Wood

Eavestrough and Siding

Built-Up Roofing

Modified Bitumen roofs

EPDM membrane roofs

PVC or TPO membrane roofs