Built-Up Roofs have a long history and impeccable reputation in the industrial and commercial flat roofing industries. Although the investment may be greater than other roofing alternatives, the long term value of a built up roof system is outstanding. These roof systems are sometimes referred to as “tar and gravel roofs (although we don’t actually use tar as it’s a carcinogenic) and asphalt BUR is the most common type of flat roof system.
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A built-up roof is composed of three elements: felt, bitumen, and surfacing. The felts, which are made of glass, organic or polyester fibers, serve much the same purpose as reinforcing steel in concrete. The felts are necessary as tensile reinforcement to resist the extreme pulling forces in the roofing material. Felts installed in layer fashion also allow more bitumen to be applied to the whole system. Bitumen, either coal-tar or asphalt is the “glue” that holds the felts together. It is also the waterproofing material in the system. The surfacing that is normally applied to built-up roofs are smooth asphalt, gravel, slag, or a mineral-coated cap sheet, and serves as an excellent wearing surface. This technique of installation has been relatively unchanged for over 100 years.

Eileen Roofing expert technicians are qualified to install Built-up roofing in Ontario commercial and industrial flat roofing systems.