Eileen Roofing works closely with new construction and custom home builders and commercial building in Ontario. We offer roofing services for many new development projects, including subdivisions and residential low-rise applications.

No matter how simple or complex your project is, All Eileen Roofing is more than capable of handling it. Our experts can work with any type of roof system, utilizing the latest technologies and equipment, ensuring that you receive the very best result.

Eileen Roofing is qualified to install the following types of roof systems:
Modified Bitumen Roof
TPO Roof
Built-up Roof
Green Roof
Asphalt shingle Roof
Metal Roof
Cedar Roof

Eileen Roofing provides multiple commercial roof system options. We want our customers to be involved with their commercial roof replacement. What would be great for one customer may not be for another. Deciding on a style and color of your new commercial roof can be overwhelming. We try to take the pressure off by providing samples and suggestions to educate you to make the right decision for you.